adult Classes

Mon 7pm to 8pm

Wed 7pm to 8pm

Kids Classes

Mon 6pm to 7pm

Wed 6pm to 7pm

Our instructors are dedicated to bringing the physical and moral benefits of martial art training to young people. With a program that focuses on life skills the aim is to develop young people to be better equipped to meet the challenges of modern life while at the same time preparing them for the rigours of martial arts training when they become old enough to move up to the adult classes. Read more about classes for children.

What to expect in a class

  • At the beginning of a class when the command ‘Shomen‘ is heard quickly line up in rank order with higher grades to the right.
  • On the command ‘Shomen Ni Rei‘ bow to the front. On the command ‘Sensei Ni Rei‘ bow to the instructor.
  • On the command ‘Misogi‘ close the eyes and practice slow, deep breathing. Use this time to settle the mind before training.
  • Feel free to approach senior students before and after class if you want help or guidance.
  • Most classes will begin with basic movements or ‘Kihon Dosa‘. Pay special attention when doing these exercises as they form the foundation of your Aikido practice.
  • Please remember these two important points: when your partner taps, you stop the technique immediately; when you hear the command ‘Yamae‘ stop what you are doing immediately.
  • Never get frustrated or angry at yourself or your partner if you can not get a technique to work. If the techniques were easy then you would not need to keep turning up to training to learn them. Remember, if you leave the dojo having just learnt one thing then you will have improved. If you take one thing from each lesson, even the smallest point, then after twenty lessons you will have learnt twenty things. The more you train the better you will get!

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