COVID 19 Dojo Guidance

The dojo will be open from 25 July 2020

It is great news that we can open from 25 July, however, we will need to put some new procedures in place to ensure that we remain as safe as possible during this pandemic period.


To that end we have provide the following guidance which we respectfully ask all members to kindly follow:


-If you have, (or have been in contact with anyone who has) symptoms of the covid 19 virus please stay away from the Dojo.

-You will be asked to fill in a form outlining any medical conditions you have; if you have a condition that puts you at high risk from the virus, please stay away from the dojo for now.

-We will have a class booking system, we will run this until the end of August.  Please get in touch with Jayne to book your classes.  Do not turn up without first booking a class.  Classes will be limited to numbers in accordance with Government Guidance.  The mats and all equipment will be cleaned between classes.

-Please arrive at the time of your class and not early, also please leave promptly.  Ideally please arrive in your dogi to avoid use of the changing rooms.  The changing rooms will be available but with only one person in the room at one time.

-Hand sanitizer, wipes and soap will be available throughout the dojo, please use on entering and when leaving, please wipe any surfaces that you touch eg door handles.

-the dojo will have the door open at all times and fans running during classes to increase air flow.

-Parents and those bringing children will be encouraged to stay outside of the dojo; if necessary limited numbers can come inside where spaced seating will be available.  Please do not plan on entering the dojo unless necessary.  Also please note that there will be no drinks facility.

-we will be conforming to the government track and trace requirements so all persons entering the dojo will be logged and contact details will be required.

-we would prefer it if all payments were made directly to the bank, however, if cash payment is necessary please bring the money in an envelope, marked with your name and the amount and leave it in the box provided.

-During training we will be maintaining a social distance between students, please listen carefully to the instructors and use you own awareness to maintain a safe distance, also please do not shout or make loud kiai.

We aim to make the training safe, relevant and enjoyable.  Clearly there are many challenges with training in the current situation, but we are confident that we can provide useful training and maintain a high level of safety.  It does require a collective responsibility with all members adhering to these slightly restrictive measures; but I am sure that with our martial attitude and discipline we will succeed.


I look forward to seeing you all on the mat over the coming months.




Adult Classes

Mon to Fri: 6:15pm to 7:15pm

EXTRA Afternoon Classes

Tuesday and Friday: 3pm to 4pm

Kids Classes

Little Dragons (age 4-7 years)

Classes week days (Mon, Weds, Fri): 4:10pm to 5pm

PLUS NEW SATURDAY CLASS  starts 2 February 2019  9:45am – 10:30am

Juniors (age 8-15 years)

Classes every week day (Mon to Fri): 5:10pm to 6pm

PLUS NEW SATURDAY CLASS starts 2 February 2019 10:30am – 11:30am

Our instructors are dedicated to bringing the physical and moral benefits of martial art training to young people. With a program that focuses on life skills the aim is to develop young people to be better equipped to meet the challenges of modern life while at the same time preparing them for the rigours of martial arts training when they become old enough to move up to the adult classes. Read more about classes for children.

What to expect in a class

  • At the beginning of a class when the command ‘Shomen‘ is heard quickly line up in rank order with higher grades to the right.
  • On the command ‘Shomen Ni Rei‘ bow to the front. On the command ‘Sensei Ni Rei‘ bow to the instructor.
  • On the command ‘Misogi‘ close the eyes and practice slow, deep breathing. Use this time to settle the mind before training.
  • Feel free to approach senior students before and after class if you want help or guidance.
  • Most classes will begin with basic movements or ‘Kihon Dosa‘. Pay special attention when doing these exercises as they form the foundation of your Aikido practice.
  • Please remember these two important points: when your partner taps, you stop the technique immediately; when you hear the command ‘Yamae‘ stop what you are doing immediately.
  • Never get frustrated or angry at yourself or your partner if you can not get a technique to work. If the techniques were easy then you would not need to keep turning up to training to learn them. Remember, if you leave the dojo having just learnt one thing then you will have improved. If you take one thing from each lesson, even the smallest point, then after twenty lessons you will have learnt twenty things. The more you train the better you will get!

If this sounds good to you, get in contact.