Aikido is an excellent Martial Art for Children.

It improves posture, coordination and balance as well as self discipline and confidence; it is great for fitness too.

At the Aikido Shobukai Preston dojo we have been teaching children for over 14 years and our dedicated instructors are passionate about helping your child achieve their full potential.


Child psychologists call the formative years of a young life “The Imprint Period“. This is the time when your work as a parent is of most importance in developing your child into a successful, happy and productive adult. With this in mind, our classes are designed to help your child achieve “Black Belt Excellence” not just on the mat but at school and at home as well.

The focus of the classes is on developing essential life skills — in essence, we provide an education program every bit as valuable as the one they receive at school. We are proud of the track records we have in developing self discipline, confidence, ambition and self-esteem in our younger students.

Rule Number 1 – Training must be FUN!

Training is enjoyable! Whether you are a first time beginner embarking on your path to black belt, a junior learning how to cart wheel or ‘kiai‘ at the top of your voice or even a parent watching on as the kids roll and tumble and wrestle across the dojo mats — training is FUN!

An Introduction For Parents

A Martial Arts student can have a real head start in life. Pause to think why…

A successful martial arts student is punctual, respectful, considerate of others and has a well developed level of self-discipline. At Aikido Shobukai punctuality and respect form the foundation on which physical and mental skills are developed.

We encourage our students to train hard, be humble, not to complain about any task and to do their best at anything and everything they do.

In the quest to gain a black belt it is these very qualities that will help students achieve their goals. To be overconfident, to look down on others, to show a lack of respect, to pick and choose what is done are the characteristics of a student who will never gain a black belt.

Through training students will develop an increased sense of responsibility as well as a higher sense of self esteem and sociability, which means the true student is less likely to succumb to destructive peer pressure. Through the use of the skills they develop in the Dojo they will be able to use diplomacy rather than action to resolve any dispute.

It may take several years to achieve the coveted Black Belt but from day one of training the student will be developing the positive attributes that will enable them to reach this goal. They will learn that through hard work, persistence and a positive attitude they can achieve any of their goals. When given a task they will learn to respond with “I will” rather than “I will try” or “I can’t“.

However, although we at the Dojo will do everything in our power to help and guide our students we can not teach if the student has no desire. Students learn early on that they have an active role and responsibility for their own development.

The Dojo, or martial arts classroom, is where we will be training and this place comes with distinct rules and code of conduct. It is easy to see the benefits of students following guidelines and showing respect not only to teachers and their peers, but also themselves. Positive reinforcement means the children will even feel good about “sticking to the rules“!

The Rules

  • Students should arrive no later than 5 minutes before the lesson begins.
  • Students to wear clean martial arts uniform (Gi) or sports kit.
  • Respect and courtesy should be shown at all times.
  • Students are to bow before entering and leaving the class.
  • No jewellery should be worn during practice.
  • Fingernails and toenails should be kept short and clean.
  • Students to sit in the correct manner when not practicing.